Vefkynning 11. júní 2024: Maximise the visibility of your research contributions

Titill vefkynningar:
Maximise the visibility of your research contributions and get noticed by research evaluators through your Web of Science Researcher Profile.

Þriðjudaginn 11. júní 2024 kl. 10 CET (kl. 08:00 að íslenskum tíma)


With the Web of Science Researcher Profiles, researchers are able to make their research contributions and impact more visible and identifiable via a shareable, individual public profile which presents the core research activities of an individual researcher.
Furthermore, such profiles are useful to populate internal information systems with verified and validated key research information, including preprints, scholarly publications, citations, peer reviews, or journal editing work. Researchers can now spend less time maintaining their profiles with automatic updates which will automatically add preprints and publications and grow the profile with less manual effort.
Join this session to learn more about Web of Science Researcher Profiles.

      • What’s in a Web of Science Researcher Profile
      • Discover and claim your Researcher profile in Web of Science
      • Populate your profile with key information.
      • Options for adding publications and peer review
      • Sync with Orcid.
      • Merge unclaimed and claimed profiles
      • Merge two or more Claimed profiles
      • Let your profile grow with less manual effort via the automatic update.
      • Get notified when new publications are added to your profile and receive an alert when your publications are cited.
      • Claim your dissertation or theses from ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Citation Index
      • Explore multiple ways to demonstrate impact.
      • Understand how research evaluators use the data in your profile to assess your research contributions.