OA Policies in Iceland


Act on public support for research 2003 No 3 3 February

„The results of research financed by grants from funds covered by this Act shall be made public through open access publication, and shall be available to everyone unless otherwise agreed. Grantees shall in all documents relating to their research results refer to the contribution of the funds to the project in question“ (Article 10 – Research results)

University policies

In Iceland there are seven universities:

    • University of Iceland
      Largest and oldest university in Iceland. Established in 1911. Schools: Education; Engineering and Natural Sciences; Health Sciences; Humanities; Social Sciences
    • University of AkureyriEstablished in 1987. Schools: Health Sciences; Humanities and Social Sciences; Business and Science
    • Bifröst University College
      Established in 1988. Departments: Business; Law; Social Sciences
    • Reykjavik University
      Established in 1998. Schools: Business; Computer Science; Law; Science and Engineering
    • Iceland Academy of the Arts
      Established in 1999. Departments: Design & Architecture; Performing Arts; Arts Education; Fine Art; Music
    • Agricultural University of Iceland
      Established in 2005. Departments: Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences; Vocational Training and Continuing Education.
    • Hólar University College
      Established in 2007. Departments: Aquaculture and Fish Biology; Equine Studies; Tourism Studies

Only three of the seven universities in Iceland have policies on Open access, none of them is mandatory.

Other policies