Vika opins aðgangs 2023: Research Assessment

Föstudagur 27. október 2023

Kl. 13 – 14. Research Assessment
Vefkynning (webinar) á TEAMS sem fram fer á ensku.
Upptaka frá vefkynningunni hér/Recording from the webinar

Skráðu þig hér

Noémie Aubert Bonn, Postdoctoral Researcher at UHasselt

Um Noémie
Noémie is a post-doctoral researcher doing research on research. She is especially interested in research assessment since she believes that it is a core trigger for academia’s pressure to publish and highly competitive culture. In fact, her research suggests that the elements used to advance researchers’ careers are not aligned with high quality and high integrity research, nor with healthy working environments. Hoping to concretely improve research assessment, Noémie contributed to the core group during the drafting of the Agreement on Reforming Research Assessment. Until recently, she also worked as a policy advisor at Research England – UKRI where she took part in activities of the Future Research Assessment Programme and the Global Research Council Working Group on Responsible Research Assessment.

The way in which we assess researchers for hiring and promotion has fundamental shortcomings which have a profound impact on those assessed, shaping perspectives of success and careers. Research assessments also shape research practices and can ultimately impact the quality, reliability, and value of research. This webinar will discuss the current issues with research assessment and explain why we urgently need to reform and reshape research assessment. It will introduce core initiatives that have evolved to address these issues and showcase how they managed to improve research cultures and research. From the Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA) to the Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment (CoARA), this webinar will provide a snapshot of a reform that is already underway and explain how everyone can contribute to it.

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