Vika opins aðgangs 2023: Open access to research data in practice

Fimmtudagur 26. október 2023

Kl. 13 – 14. Open access to research data in practice
Vefkynning (webinar) á Teams sem fram fer á ensku.
Upptaka frá vefkynningunni hér/Recording from the webinar

Skráðu þig hér

David Rayner is a physicist and is doing climate research using weather generator methods and historical perturbation methods. He is a training coordinator at SND helping researchers and domain specialists to identify new functionality to support earth and environmental sciences.


Lisa Isaksson is a language coordinator at SND, and SND’s representative in European multilingual thesauri and glossaries such as CESSDA and ELSST. She has a background as a literary scholar and translator but started out as a teacher of English at the University of Gothenburg (a very long time ago).

In today’s evolving research landscape, the accessibility of research data plays an important role in advancing knowledge dissemination and scientific progress. This lecture covers the imperative behind making research data accessible and delves into the practical implementation of open access to research data. The presentation explores the dynamics of data accessibility, discussing who can access research data and the mechanisms through which data are made available, emphasizing the principles of FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) data. A crucial aspect covered is the establishment of Data Management Plans to facilitate systematic and organized data handling throughout the research process. 

Umsjón: Bókasafn Háskólans á Akureyri/Bókasafn Háskólans á Bifröst